Pt. 2 Gallery - "Calico Sunset"

I will be showing these two paintings:

1) "The Chorus! The Chorus!" - Acrylic on Wood (48" x 36")

2) "The Playwright" - Acrylic on Wood (36" x 36")

at Pt. 2 Gallery in Oakland, CA. “Calico Sunset” a group exhibition opening this Saturday, July 14th at 12pm will feature the works of:
Ben Quinn | @ben__quinn
Brett Amory | @brettamory
Caleb Hahne| @calebhahne
Emma Webster | @emma_webster_art
Erik Bender | @roundtworicky
Kenichi Hoshine | @kenichi_hoshine
Maja Ruznic | @majaruz
Paige Valentine | @trophy___wife
Sam Spano | @sam.spano •

To receive a preview of “Calico Sunset” contact: #kenichihoshine #painting #pt2gallery #calicosunet